Mission Statement

To promote a positive impact on the world through forward and innovative thinking with a focus on health and well-being. ​

“She will be a light to the world with the head of a scientist, the hands of an artist, and a heart of a healer”

Mary Lou Frias, PhD


I aim to be a leader in translational science by researching the underlying pathogenesis of immune system dysfunction related to inflammation and chronic disease and applying psychoneuroimmunology and the pharmacognosy of plants to halt disease progression.

~Let your life be touched with Magic, Sunshine, Shooting Stars and Rainbows~

I am a Mystic

an Empath, and a believer in God with a deep spiritual connection with the Universe. I currently hold a 10th Temple Degree in Metaphysical Law through the Ancient Mystical Order of the Rosea Crucis (AMORC). My life is governed by the 12 universal laws, a higher state of consciousness, energy, synchronicity, and events too coincidental to be considered random occurrences. It is my intent to share these stories with the world as a means to inspire, uplift and unite. 

Using a powerful gift of empathy & intuition and an ability to engage deeply with the world, it is my desire to improve the quality of life for those living with chronic pain on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.